15 July 2014

{AD} Covetrunway

Another short and quick weekly adverts for Covetrunway, the second blogshop that I modeled for! Finally started to get used to the weekly shoots, just hope few months down I will perform even better. (luckily the owner is very understanding, hehe) It was never easy to pose randomly with tons of people staring at you... in the public!!!! :( *stressful and uncomfortable* ok, swear!!! (so don't judge if my pictures turns out bad hahahaha) But I still enjoyed it somehow although it can be really tiring for outdoor shoot, looking forward for more studio shoot already!

Heyyyy I am not ready???? *honestly*

One of my favourite shot for the collection!

Just a quick and short adverts for Covetrunway, love the skirt but unfortunately it's TOO big for me... M size?? LOL Sad!!! I can't keep one for myself. But I am sure it will fit you girls even better, my size is way too ridiculously small, the most I can go is S. Usually XS! *spam food every hour* and have to play stunts behind the scene LOL. Alright besides that, the fabrics quality improved as well! 

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Meanwhile, stay beautiful ladies!

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