15 June 2014

Panier Des Sans

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Honestly speaking, I have never heard of Panier Des Sans. Maybe, I still live in the cave. I did not hesitate to accept doing this review is because I love how this products are not tested on animals! Yay to cruelty free~ Besides that, I love using products that formulated with natural, simple ingredients!

So I received the exact same travel size products from them to try it out, apparently I didn't take a picture of the box together with the products before opening and threw it away...... see... how dumb I can get??? 

I decided to picked the rose scent is because I preferred rose scent than the lavender scent.
It's just me and my rose again \(^_^)/
So cute the travel size! And honestly I would rate the quality of the packaging a 10/10. I guess I can drop a few times without even letting it to break.

I love the scent of the shower gel, the bad point about it was I had a super super hard time to squeezed it out! I had no idea why it is stuck there and refused to come out, I just have to open the whole cap and pour everything out which is super wasteful! I do wish that they can do a softer packaging? Besides having a hard time pouring everything out, I do find how gentle this shower gel is and it is definitely perfect for travel size!

Of course the body lotion scent is exact to the shower gel, even after shower I can still smell like a roseeee thanks to this body lotion! Again, I had a hard time squeezing it out that I just had to open the cap and pour it out... I actually seek for advice but apparently it didn't help much, but still thank you Sandra! :'( It's sad that I doubt I can last this two bottles for a month because, it is meant for travelling, secondly I have to waste a bit more of the products. Besides complaining the wasteful part, I find this body lotion is slightly moisturizing and is not very greasy on my skin which I pretty much love it.

Actually I had a hand cream but.... I misplaced it and I can't seems to find it because I have been using it for days already :'( So to make up for it, I will give you the picture of it!
I always had a habit of applying hand cream after washing my hand, I've been using L'occitane hand cream and now I decided to do a short switch to Panier Des Sans hand cream and apparently both of them have a similar consistency and it is not greasy at all. Keeps my hand moisturized and smells good at the same time! Till now I am still finding this hand cream.... I afraid I might drop it somewhere :(
I also love how the hand cream is handy and do not take up lot of space in my bag, the packaging is good too.

To sum up, I love this products and I guess I can switch between L'occitane products and Panier Des Sans products now. Not being biased to any of it, but I genuinely love the smell and how gentle it is! Oh boy~ how I wish my room is filled with rose smell.

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