29 June 2014

Klaritysg product launch event

Received an email 2 weeks back and I was invited to Klarity product launch event on Thursday! Managed to get my leave in time for the event! It is not gonna be extremely wordy post because I am not doing any review for it yet.

Arrived at about 10am, I thought I am late but NO. Finally I am early for event the first time..... lol.

 It's amazing how they came up with such idea, hashtag #klaritysg on Instagram and you can print your photo here! Super cute!

 Yes, it all comes in boxes! Use until your face sharp enough and able to cut vegetables! (just kidding)

I think I need this badly and I am so gonna get it! The V Line Shape Up! Probably will do a review about it too!

 Time to settle down!!! 

Menu of the day! I am like.... (wah.... must be expensive lor, don't eat then wasted) HAHAHAHAHA

I mean... you don't get to have fine dining every time especially when you get to eat with a nice view, high storey (craze level 55, jump down sure the bone also come out and the heart don't know stuck at which building) ok need to stop lol...

 Main dish! Mad love! Waited for this for sooooo long!

Chocolate truffle, only ate one because I had sore throat and I didn't want to suffer the next day again. :(
Anyway it's super delicious, I had the best lunch on Thursday! It's been so long I had cocktail too! Always thankful for everything!

It was nice meeting Julie and Melissa in person! Humble and friendly! And.... I told myself the next event I SHOULD WEAR HEELS. At least a few cm taller also make me happy la..... LOL.

Thank you Klarity for having me! Had a great lunch and met new bloggers, last of all... truly happy for the founder behind Klarity! 

Back home and unpacked the goodie bag they gave! I can't wait to try the mask! Tried the CC cream 2 days back and it is still early for me to do a review, will definitely do one once I think it's the right time! So look out for my review on this CC cream! Well... I always believe providing reliable/honest reviews to my readers! 

To end off, thank you again Klarity for the invitation! :)

Anyway I had a new twitter account and deactivated the old one, so follow me there if you wish to! Don't ask me why, but it has got to do with my previous relationship. @petitexksf 

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