25 June 2014

Beauty Talks: Milani Baked powder blush (Berry Amore)

Recently, I just found myself a holy grail blush and truly raved by many beauty bloggers. Finally, I get to have the chance to tried it out is because my sister went overseas to got one of it. Apparently, she left it in the make up area so.... let me have the chance to make good use of it! hehe. I pretty much like the packaging although I have never heard of this brand before, I am still impressed by how pigmented this baked blush is!!!!!

I've been using it for quite some time.... so it won't be fresh looking anymore. Hahahaha oops

It is not as high anymore, for the beauty bloggers you should know how it looks like originally. hahahahaha it was rough and high previously!

A closer shot to the baked blush! With this picture, you can roughly judge the shimmery level.

The shade I am using, #03 Berry Amore. 

 It comes in a little blush in it, super useful for me when I am outside!

Probably a little too bright in this picture, nonetheless it is really pigmented in real life. SWEARING TO GOD THAT Milani need to bring in more and put it in Watsons/SASA so that I can grab them conveniently! I find myself grabbing for this more than any of my other blushes nowadays, can't wait to try out more shades! My second holy grail product. If you're missing this, you're missing something good in life..... HAHAHAHAHA

I was really excited to try Milani baked powder blush ever since many ladies highly raved about it, sadly Singapore don't sell them everywhere, even in the common place I shop like watson, SASA or guardian. But I heard that John little & Robinsons sells them despite the fact that it is way too overpriced, I'm definitely going there to check it out soon, more shades to go! I absolutely love how highly pigmented it is, I am not lying! Not to forget about the staying power, it has a good staying power rate but I believe this blush will stay longer on people with dry skin? For oily skin, you probably need setting spray to set all your make up. Nonetheless, this baked powder blush had a decent staying power up to 6-8 hours? I like how the shimmers makes my cheeks glow! I wouldn't say it is extremely shimmery on the cheeks (presentable la). But I have to be extra careful when applying, it is insanely pigmented so it best for myself to just apply 2 layers on my cheeks (nothing more than that man), I don't wanna look like a clown! I am so impressed with this blush! Packaging is pretty enough for me and not too bulky.

To sum up actually
  • Staying power up to 6-8 hours
  • Highly pigmented
  • Small and easy to carry around
  • Comes in a small mirror and baby brush (super useful for me)
  • Did not cause any break outs for me or clog my pores yet. 
  • Blends really well.

Milani, you did a good job there. Keep it up! Excited to try out more baked blushes in the future!
Meanwhile, stay beautiful ladies!

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