12 June 2014

A quick update on unique nails79 #3 & Black Hair Salon promotions

Went to find Jess last Sunday to do my nails, totally forgotten that day I did not make appointment with her, instead it was coming Sunday! Look how busy and forgetful I can get! Thank god that Jess was very very understanding and return back just to get my nails done, despite the fact she need to spend time with her children! Pretty mama~

This time, my nails was too short to do extreme nails art so, she decided that it would be good to do something sweet and simplicity at the same time for my short nails, and when my nails grow longer it will be easier for pretty nail art! The reason why I wanna cut my nails is because it was way too long that it dirty my concealer and it stops me doing from lots of things. Got so frustrated and I just had to say goodbye to super long nails for the time being!

I didn't capture any photos on that day but just a short video~ Please enjoy it okay? If you wanna know the procedure you can read my post on part #1 & part #2 :)

Hehehe and here's the final one!

Thanks Jess for the photo! If you can see clearly, it's more like a gradient pastel pink to purple, my friends are telling me now my nails look way sweeter yet simple at the same time! Thank you Jess for always being so professional and patience!

To make appointment, whatsapp/sms: 8518 1646
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