25 June 2014

A quick and short update~

Had a work trip to Westgate last Monday? It was a loooooong ride that I had my ass almost crack from Novena to Jurong! Estimated 1 hour ride..... I cannot imagine myself sitting in the MRT from my house!?!?! It's like 2 hr to and fro... and also it's my first time stepping in Westgate! It is new and I spotted tons of cafes! Now that I don't find west area boring anymore!

Got my work stuff done at Westgate and head for a lunch at a really cosy and small cafe. Just wanna chill a bit before I head back.

 It's my first time here~~ 

 Anyway I really took such a long time to decide what to eat and I am glad that the person that serve me is soooo patience! *phew*

Ordered bacon carbonara? and iced mocha!! All time favourite, now my judgement to this pasta. Superrrrr cheesy and creamy! I love it! *spamming heart face emoji*

I think the total price was $16-17? I think it's acceptable after all because it keeps me full and the ambience was alright for me just that.... a few irritating students were there to make noise -_-??? Wanted to buy gelato but.... too full to have ice cream. :-(

On Saturday, I was invited down to FHM events and to film stylexstyle ootd tv campaign!
Met new bunch of awesome people and honored to be able to talk to Sharoun Au in person. She's humble, spontaneous and someone fun to talk to! I still remember I used to love to watch her show!

She's tall too... or am I really short....? Yes I am. Nonetheless, thank you Sharon! I felt really lucky to be one of the 228 following on your instagram..... hahahahahahha

Hahaha, that's my outfit of the day! hashtag stylexstyle, hashtag missfhm, hashtag cutie, hashtagSTOPIT.

What a busy month! Few advertorials to be done and have to give a few event a missed just for work! Hello boss, if you see this you must be lucky to have such a cool employee. JUST KIDDING. 
Attending another event this Thursday! Promise, more photos ok. Meanwhile, please be patience with me, I am trying to update my blog whenever I am free! Time check 12:04AM and it's time for bed! 

Oh and I had a new twitter account due to some heartbreak reasons *sigh* @petitexksf
So follow me there, follow at your own risks because I talk a lot..... hahahaha and besides that you can follow me on Instagram to keep track! I am more active there!

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