21 May 2014

Uniquenails79 - Part 2

I can now have pretty nails all thanks to Jess, the owner of uniquenails79! If you've been following through my blogging days you must be familiar that I have made a blog post back then, here you go if you missed out! (LINK)

As usual, she did whatever that is needed to get it done and a few pictures I have captured!

She take note of every little things, make sure it is perfect before you go! Jess is really professional and I promise that you won't regret when you book an appointment with her. Honestly, her price for gelish manicure is reasonable and I believe that she is not pushy and trying to hard sell any of her services!

And tadaaaa! The final one, so pretty and edgy! I love houndstooth by the way!

And just a quick video of the procedure, filmed by my iphone5s because my camera is a little heavy to control with one hand! :'( So please pardon for the extremely small screen and low quality alright?
It was really a short one, it was an impromptu decision to filmed this video! Not very fascinating editing in this video! So tolong abit hahaha.

To sum up my second experience with Jess, I really love working with her because she is very patience and she take note every little details, explains to me the ways to take care of my nails, some fun facts about nails (which I managed to learnt from her) and last of all which design suits my nail base the best, what kind of design I actually look for so that she can try to make it up to my desire decisions. She's not like some outside retail nail salon, some of the manicurist being all pushy shit and don't take extra care of your nails, don't even bother whether you're in pain until you scream. MEH. #youmightknowwhichcountrytheycomefrom #sorrynotsorry #honestopinion 

So don't hesitate to book an appointment with Jess, time to pamper your nails! Contact her for more information: +65 8518 1646
Remember to quote "petiteksf" to entitled for 10% off 

Visit the website at:
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Go on instagram and follow uniquenails79 
She really did a good job on nail arts, so I am sure she will try to satisfy your types of design!

729 Woodlands Circle,
Singapore 730329 

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