5 May 2014


Hi guys! The title says it all, let’s throwback to last Saturday! The CNOS3 people were invited down to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for the YONO FlashPay Road show! We were very lucky to be able to get free YONO FlashPay with $50 stored value, even if it’s just $50 I also very kiameng ok! Hahaha. Thank god for this event because I am already missing the CNOS3 peeps! It’s quite sad that I didn’t get to see everyone on that day;I don’t where they went but probably have fun with the YONO FlashPay…I guess? :p

Never regret owning one YONO FlashPay is because it is very convenient, just tap to pay! I can enjoy some of the available perks right now like 1-for-1 Movie tickets at Cathay, 1-for-1 Starbucks Caffe Latte, 1-for-1 Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream cone and many more! How awesome it is?! NETS is very generous because they gave out free YONO Flash Pay from 26th April – 27th April at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! THANK YOU NETS SG! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! In case you’re missing out good stuff, the 5 lucky followers of @netssg on Instagram get a chance to win $40 worth of SISTIC vouchers!!! To those kpop fans…. Here’s your chance! Also stand a chance to win a vacation trip to Seoul/ Taipei/Hong Kong this December if you spend it with your YONO FlashPay! *I want to go Korea!!!!* I would like to thank NETS SG for being so generous to us; I enjoyed myself and absolutely love the card because it is very convenient!!! I am not lying! Again, it’s quite sad that FlashPay may not be able to use it everywhere because some of the shop owner disapproved it which I DON’T KNOW WHY…. (Maybe the machine is not working) L So do note that if you wish to use the card, ask the shop owner if the NETS FlashPay is available here and always standby a few cash/credit/debit cards in your wallet. I understand that YONO FlashPay is really convenient and the only card you’ll ever need! Hahaha! 

The design doesn't look boring to me at all!!

To sum up, I want to thank @netssg for being so generous again and give us this opportunity! I love this card so much that I have been using it most of the time now (for taxi actually hahaha) although it is risky once you lose the card, as anyone can use it or else it is very convenient for me and for everyone! Have yet enjoyed the perks, especially the movie tickets and smoothie discount!!! JAnd the main reason you should get this card is because you can use it on transport, dining, shopping and enjoy the available perks right now! IT IS REALLY THE ONLY CARD YOU’LL EVER NEED.

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