7 May 2014

Black Hair Salon - Part 1

So glad that I can finally get rid of my boring black hair all thanks to Black hair salon! Hahaha wait, it is a little contradicting because of the name… am I right? Please continue to read it!! It was my first time stepping in the Blackhairsalon and I swore that I never regret accept this sponsorship from them is because the team really treated me like their little sister/angel and their services are really good!

I’m sure everyone was shocked due to the hidden pink hair I’m having right now, nope I am not out of my mind because I have been wanting to try something funky and I did! Getting more and more daring nowadays ah hahaha and I’m glad that my parents are very supportive with my current hair colour and whatever competition/events I go! 

 Getting started.... let's go! Really feeling all black!

HEHEHE, dying my hair in progress
The colour turned out dark ash brown, but I guess previously I had black hair so Cat was nice to advice me not to bleach the whole hair because it will be very dry so I decided to just bleach the sides that I want it to be.

Look a bit like an alien here, hehe but this is after bleaching and colouring... time for a good treatment so that my hair can feel really soft! :)

Almost done, a little bit more of serum and better curling at the back! :)

So sorry that pictures in the salon is very limited because I was too engrossed with my phone and my camera battery left one bar.... so I didn't want to risk it or else when I get home I won't be able to take pictures as I have to charge for hours (which means I no need sleep liao lor, hahaha) 

But anyway the whole procedure was pretty long, my butt did not crack because their chairs are really good  LOL (not bullshitting, but it's real) hahaha can you imagined I sat for 7 hours straight??? And Cat was really nice, she bought bread and iced coffee for me in case I feel really tired and hungry in the mid of doing my hair! The team is really very sweet and dear to me! Already excited to try out more funky hairstyles, NOT BLONDE maybe hahaha I will never suit blonde because I have tanned skin ):

So vibrant and I've kinda labelled as "ahlian" just because of pink highlight.... Well, definitely I am not one! I am still me! Just wish to try colours that are funky at my age before I grow old. It's better to explore more than regret the things you should have get it done earlier right? ;) You don't judge someone just by their hair colour, but too bad I can't stop the ones that said so and the first impressions I give to people! *no hate here between, voicing out what I have to say, hehe*

Last of all... Thank you Black hair salon! Embarking the new journey with the team for next 2 years! :)

Let me express my step "cuteness" to the black team! hahahaha since they treated me like their little sister because I am really petite.. Excuse for a moment of my selfie pls. So here's the final product of my hair, I love it; it's more on dark ash brown and hidden pink highlight! You really can't tell its ash brown in pictures but previously my hair was really black like charcoal! Gonna thank my hair stylist - Cat and team for having me! Remember to follow me on my Journey with Black Hair Salon! It is going to be very exciting, I promised. :)

Just a little note for you readers, quote "BLACK ANGEL SHUFENG" to entitled 10% off for hair services in Blackhairsalon and also they are currently having Mother's day special, for all the young and old mommy out there quote "BLACK ANGEL SHUFENG" entitled 20% off for hair services in Blackhairsalon from today all the way to 11th of May!

Have you follow them on Instagram?

Black Hair Salon
The Bencoolen (Opposite OG)
180 Bencoolen street, #01-28 S(189646)

The  Operating hours: 
Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 6:30 pm

6835 9976

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