25 May 2014

Issues that skinny people will naturally face.

Came across an article on Facebook and really feels good that someone finally spoke up for skinny people problems, receiving compliments and funny insult at the same time and most of the people thought that skinny people do not have issues on their appearance since it's a good thing to be skinny. Well.... not really. Yes, I have to admit that I am blessed to have high metabolism but I do get annoyed with it and here are the few issues most skinny people will naturally face.

1. Being told that you need eat something
"Girl ah, you need to eat more rice, your parents never feed you ah?" But the thing is... I eat rice all the time and in fact I eat a lot in a day.

2. Being told that it isn't fair that you're so skinny

I mean... I literally have no control over this.

3. Being told that you have an eating disorder
I mean whut???? that's really not funny

4. Being told that you look like a bags of bone.
Again.... I'm sorry but this is really not funny

5. Being told that skinny is unattractive.

I know that I am not attractive, you don't have to rub salt into my wounds... ouch

6. People telling you that they can see your ribs and that's freaky
We understand and we can feel them by myself, we look at the mirror all day when we change our clothes. We seen our flaws more than you do, so.. why are you making us feel these feelings?!?! and what do you exactly want me to do about that? taking out my ribs....?

7. When you arrive somewhere and most of the food is gone because the people over there "You don't seems to eat a lot"
Seriously.... We would cut you into pieces and cook curry >;( HOW DARE YOU!

8. When you can't fit into adult clothing so you resort to shopping in the kids' section.... in your twenties
Well.... it's cheaper I guess? (ok lah not so exaggerating LOLOL)

9. When people ask you why are you working out.
Because I want to be healthy? If I don't I will probably die with sickness.

10. Not being able to gain weight no matter what you do.
Yes, we eat a lot more than what you think...... it's not as if we aren't trying

11. People joke about you getting blow away with a strong wind
HAHAHA. No. We will look fabulous with the strong wind.

12. People comparing to a twig
Well... that's a littleeee too dramatic

13. People grabbing your waist to emphasize how small you are
We know, we see them all day.

14. People suggesting that you're not allowed to have insecurities about your appearance because you're skinny.
Yep, that's bullshit.... and unfair

15. People watch you eat just to make sure you eat enough.
I promise you that I eat... all the time but NO, don't stare at me when I eat

16. People insisting on picking you up just to comment how light you are.
PLEASE put me down.

Well, the lists of problem most skinny people will naturally face. Besides that, everyone have their own flaws and something that we will get insecure about. Be nice and don't pick on someone else flaws, it's not like they don't get to see them everyday? Make sincere compliments or don't make at all. No matter what size you are, just remember that you're always beautiful. Don't let someone else opinion to bring you down, you are you and no one can change you. Real beauty don't define in sizes or having a pretty face. Ignore what the society think now and be yourself, nothing beats a good personality. 

So... hugs and stay beautiful ladies!

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