30 May 2014

Black Hair Salon - Part 2

Got no other choices, but I have to say goodbye to my lovely neon pink hair, I was really sad because I didn't have the pink hair more than 1 month. Due to my upcoming work and position, have to maintain a colour that is not way too funky and extremely vibrant in the office, but I would still say that my current hair colour is still pretty bright yet a little bit of soft light colour which makes me really love it!

I swear that I am really exhausted and had a hard time waking up in the morning, snooze my damn alarm and late for an appointment. I'm very thankful that the team are very patience with me! Thank you, my dear hair stylish - Catherine and not to forget about Frankie, Raymond and the ones that helped with my hair for such a long hours! Thank you, thank you! So, I decided to bleach my hair to get my desired colour, I am so sick of dark colour hair. Moreover, it's time for a change!

I was really afraid of the outcome because I chose the colour that I NEVER WANT TO and apparently, the outcome turn out great!!!! I was reassured all the time that my hair is under care by the professional, I don't have to worry anything about it, just sit back and rest well! This is how much I trust them, you know hair is the most important thing to me?!?! I am very anal about anyone touching my hair, but it's different this time round! My hair is now well handled by my hairstylist!

 Let's get started, sobs.... bye pink hair :'(

The entire day, making stupid faces to Frankie! Hahaha, do I look like I am so easy to bully? ): HAHAHA

Let's get bleaching started, anyway I was so nervous because I heard bleaching is painful?!

 My hair needed to bleach 2 times, the whole process of bleaching was alright and I don't feel any pain at all.

Ok, so I this is my final hair colour........ JUST KIDDING. After bleaching 2 times, here's the result! I was shocked hahaha! Raymond and Frankie: No need dye liao, just leave the salon like that. It is nice what right. HAHAHAHA Excuseeeee me?!?!? :(

(my hair like mop LOL) It was uneven, but much better after bleaching 2 times! It is clean now :D

Oh, just transformed myself into a boy for 25-30mins.... (Finally got my hair dye on!!!) Anyway when they put on the hair dye, it was extremely painful for me!!!! *cries inside* But they assured me that it is gonna be alright after 5-15mins as my scalp may be sensitive, moreover I just bleach and washed my hair 3 times... I had no choice but to bear with it till the "spicy/painful" period over~

After 3 times of washing, finally time for hair treatment (finally!!!!) The whole process of the treatment - 10min! It was fast and I wanted it because I am soo tired and just wanna KO on my bed :( 

Yes... my dear Cat. I know you're tired! So gonna get you food before I come next time!! *Massage virtually* And thank you so much for the fried rice!!! omg

Curl curl ~ Curl away~

*pop champagne*

The final result, oh the lord?!?! I LOVE IT! *inserts heart shape face emoji* 
You know I was afraid the outcome will look bad on me because I don't have super fair skin! As what I know, people with fair skin will look better in such colour! But anyway, that's not important because I love my hair now, woohoo~ But I still missed my neon pink *sigh* ANYWAY 

Here's some lapsup ootd hahaha, I don't even know what am I wearing, just throw over and out I GO!

And you know, good hair day calls for a selfie~

In love with the camera that has beauty mode *-*

To sum up, it's only my second trip to the salon and I am so satisfied with the service, I believe that they're not biased at all. Besides that, they offer good treatments not only on your hair but treatments that are extra good for your scalp! Not to forget about the professional hair stylist to handle your hair when you step in the salon. I am very pleased with my first hair sponsor, getting pampered by the BHS team! I am proud to be in Black Angel Team too! I also realized that they are forever busy because lots of customers came in, even on weekdays!!! YAY FTW~ SHOULD BE HAPPY FOR THEM LA! Good business, huat huat~ 

By the way, my reviews are honest and-and FYI this is a non-paid post, there are no obligations here. But I just wanna share it to you! Wanna have awesome hair? Then get yours done at Black Hair Salon! I trust them, and I believe they won't disappoint you when you step out :) This is how much I have confident with them! 

Location (besides OG)
The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street, #01-28 
Singapore 189646

Tel: +65 68359976
Don't forget to follow their Instagram ok? You'll be seeing awesome hairdos!
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