2 May 2014

{AD} Covetrunway

Probably you have seen my post for covetrunway last week and this time I’m back with another post for them! I've mentioned that they will be having weekly collection and they are back with new apparels for you ladies! In love with dresses that I have picked and I can’t wait to ootd, so follow me on Instagram to look out for it, meanwhile you can check out their new collection this week!

Looking bad again, because the shoot was 1 hour earlier (puffy eyes) and with no contact lenses on… it is so obvious that my eyes look weird (omg I was expecting better this time round..) hahaha omg why can’t I just score a perfect shoot in studio. T_T ok that's not the point now anyway..

Pretty excited for outdoor shoot because Celine, the girl that I have met in CNOS3 is going to be the online store outdoor photographer! Awesome, I will feel even less awkward and hopefully will look good for next week collection because she's the one shooting for me! YAY and also you’ll be seeing new hair colour! I can't wait to blog about it!

 (My eyes look small.....really need to rely on contact lenses and fake eyeslashes LOL)

 I'm glad that the owner told me this time the shoot was a quick one and that means I had almost get the hang of it especially my quick posture! Yay to new improvement, can be better still! Look out on what's my picked for this collection on my Instagram! 


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