1 April 2014

Vichy Dynamic Hydration Serum

Hi, guys! I was invited down to the L’Oreal office to try out their new product (Vichy Dynamic Hydration Serum) with the other bloggers few weeks back, I’m really excited to try out their product after they brief us how hydrating the serum is. Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum is the 1st hydrating power serum containing 3 energising sugars and Vichy thermal spa water that can capture and retain moisture, as well as to enhanced with dynamic hydration technology to continuously even out moisture in all facial zones.

Honestly, many people thought that hydrating and moisturizing is the same thing. I can understand that they can easily be confused, (because I’m one of them) and many times you can be lacking both moisture and hydration. Generally you need moisture when you are born with dry skin, this is the skin cells inability to hold in moisture as well as not producing enough sebum to provide moisture. In addition, your skin needs hydration many times when you are dehydrated for whatever reason, lack of water, too much caffeine, smokers are usually very dehydrated. So basically, hydration adds in more moisture to your skin while moisturizer keeps your skin from losing moisture. (they do moisture the outer layer of skin) I hope that’s informative enough for you now. :)

Back to the topic, it is extremely hydrating and I love it! It takes about 1 min to dry or less than that? The scent of the serum is acceptable and mild. Didn't break me out, but I won't be using it every day because my skin is hydrated enough from the skin test they did for me. HEHEHEHE I’m a hard working girl, taking care of my skin very seriously. :p

With just one pump, it is enough for the whole face and able locks the moisture in my skin!
I love how the bottle comes in pump, very hygienic and don’t have to worry about wasting too much serum!

I’m also very grateful that they have prepared a blogger kit for us, have yet try out their full skin care range except the Aqulia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum! Might consider reviewing the other products they have given.
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Before I end this blog entry, The L’Oreal company is nice to hold a mini competition for 3 lucky readers of mine. Benefits of winning? - A Vichy Aqualia Dynamic Hydration worth $52 and an ideal skin consultation!!!! You sure you want to miss this opportunity?!?

All you got to do is leave a comment below on my Blog 

Name, Email and do a short product testimonial “What would you like in a hydration serum?”

I will be picking best answers and the 3 lucky winner get to have an ideal skin consultation and receive A Vichy Aqualia Dynamic Hydration (Which I have tried it)
The winner will be announced at the end of April!



  1. Hi Shufeng,

    The reason why I wanna win this Vichy new serum is because I have sensitive and dry skin, with the help of this and an ideal skin consultation will be good for me and to regain my current self esteem and also I have been looking for hydration serum that contains sugar and spa water, I guess it may be very good for skin as well. I love reading your blog too!


  2. Hi,

    I have been finding a good hydration serum, hence chance upon your instagram and was wondering if I can have some luck by winning this and an ideal skin consultation, I'm only 16 this year and seeking a dermatologist may seems to be quite expensive for me right now.

    What I would love to have in a hydration serum is energising sugars and spa water as well. :)

  3. Will there be any extra special kit provided cater to our skin after the skin consultation? :)

  4. Hi Shufeng!

    I want to win this hydrating serum is because I've really dry face skin and it is hard to find a good hydrating serum. Therefore, I would love to try this hydrating serum that contains energizing sugars with spa water to improve on my dry face skin. Your blog is amazing and so are you too! :-) xo


  5. I am on the search of the perfect hydration serum that will provide the awesome combination of the skin moisture and hydration without the greasy creamy texture of a typical moisturiser. On a daily basis, I can be assured that this serum can give my skin an extra daily boost of moisture and hydration without having to resort to a moisturiser or intensive mask.

    Michelle Lim

  6. Do you mix this with your DRx products? :) any side effects? Cause I thought of giving a commercial product a try while using their products too

  7. Hello Shufeng!

    It's kind of hard to find a hydration serum that's suitable for my skin as for me mine is combination, can be sensitive at times and at most dry, I've tried different brands but none of them works I've never try Vichy before & from your blog post I'm kind of curious now. What I normally find in hydration serum is, light & non-sticky and staying hydrated and moist, and I'm careful on products I want to try out, I definitely want to try out Vichy Dynamic Hydration Serum as it seems that I'll get the perfect combination of hydration and moist! Thank you for sharing about the product as well!

    Cheyenne Lazaroo