29 April 2014


I was lucky enough because Jess, the owner of uniquenails approached me through email one week back to offer sponsorship, I admit that I don’t do manicure so often because nowadays the manicurist are really pushy which pisses me off so bad.

Alright, so here are some of Jess nails art, beautifully sets of nail, most of it was hand-drawn and look at how good her nail art is, I spotted the minions and it is too cute to be true!!
Aiming for the sets of Christmas nails for this year Christmas day! Hahaha ^~^ 

I love how cosy the room is, for a moment I felt like a princess because everything was pretty in pink! 
The shelves that place all the nail/gel polishes, all the nail polishes are from Korea and US. Non of them come from China!

Always having the props standby at the side
And getting started....

1. Removing my old nail polish
2. File the nails, to gently shape the edges of the nails and smooth them out
3. Scrap off dirty things on my fingers and the dead skins trapped at the side of my finger nails
4. Plucking off the cuticle.
5. File them again
And the painting starts ^~^
Look at how the flowers are beautifully hand-drawn by Jess?!?!
And drum rolls please....

The final product, so pretty the way it is!!! I am so in love with it! There is something I really love about Jess is that she's very patience and a nice person to talk to, (Felt bad because my phone bursts with important messages, my fingers can't stop touching the phone screen and late for appointment, but she is very understanding! hehe) her services is really good, the prices is reasonable enough and I believe that she is not pushy even though I got sponsored by her. It's my first time trying out home based nail salon, surprisingly it was really cosy and the services is not far apart from the nail shop! Jess is a manicurist for 2 years and counting, constantly coming up with new ideas to improve/create new nails art.
Before I end this blog entry, here's a special promotion for you readers!
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To make appointment, whatsapp/sms: 8518 1646
For more information, check out their website:

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Instagram: Uniquenails79 / Facebook:

  • Location
  • 729 woodlands circle
  • Singapore, Singapore 730729
Hurry and book your slot with Jess, get your nails done!

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