24 April 2014

My Skincare Journey with DRx (Essential Facial #2)

Back to my favourite place (DRx Clinic & DRx Medispa) So I’m back with my Skincare Journey with DRx part 6, forever feeling loved by them and extremely grateful for everything they have arranged for me. Went back to review my skin and I am glad that Dr. Hui Yan compliments my skin, it is so much better and stable now. Nothing feels better than recovering from your horrible acne day’s right? I am so glad that I have gone through those tough days. I strongly agree that nobody deserves troubled skin, nobody!

Alright so Charlene arranged an Essential Facial for me, supposing  its O2 treatment trip but Dr Hui Yan and the therapists said that my skin is still not ready for it because it is very nourishing and I just recovered and my skin is stable not long. Hehe, still I always tell myself that good things are worth the wait. TEEHEE, I have heard from Charlene how good O2 treatment is, it makes your skin GLOWS like crazy! *excited mode*

So as usual, if you have read my previous Essential Facial blog post (link), you probably know the whole Essential Facial procedure! Took a few shots using my new camera and pretty shocked because this camera kind of makes my face flawless. LOL (no beauty mode, I swear) I always thought that it will focus on all my flaws, but maybe because my skin is really getting better la. Hahaha!

 My eyes… can you just see I enjoyed it so much? HEHE

 I LOVE THIS, LIKE BEST PART. The therapist, Cindy is soooo gentle and expert on this.

 Love this too, omg can I just say I love everything except the extracting part? LOL

I have to admit it is painful but still bearable after all ^.^

(Really unglam la and I sent this to group chat... everyone can't stop laughing at me hahaha)
I REALLY LOVE THE LAST PART, because the mask is extremely cooling and I almost doze off. I think the masks brighten my skin lor?!? And not to forget, I replenished my products again (Toner, CF and Sunscreen) Thank You Charlene, Thank you The DRx Clinic & The DRx Medispa! Forever feeling pampered by them *blow kisses*

This is me after the Essential Facial, and I’m really vain…. Filled in my brows + super light eye make-up with no foundation/concealer on and head to shop afterwards ^.^
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