15 April 2014

CNOS3 after thoughts & Dinner + Movie with my boy.

Finally, CNOS3 had come to an end. Time flies really fast, the time that I have bonded with CNOS3 bloggers was definitely unforgettable. I still remember that I hesitated to join cnos3, I thought that it will be a wrong choice, because of my exams and assignments date due falls on that period too, but I never regret joining this competition. It was fun!! I learnt something new like flipping a damn pancake (failed) hahahaha and also did something good like raising funds for SPCA (hope the pets will find a good home soon!) last of all, met celebrity bloggers and one of them is Qiu Qiu, honestly I’m a fan girl of budget Barbie! 

Next up, you know that not everyone will get this opportunity to actually have your face plastered on a mall right? I’m still shocked from the fact that I got in overnight sensation position, I understand maybe it’s not something huge to some of you and I may not be as strong as other contestants but the position I got, I’m already thankful! I’m glad that I didn't disappoint my family, my friends and my boyfriend! There are so many things and good opportunities that I’m very thankful for, I cherished every opportunity that I get.

Oh yeah and you can expect even better and clearer pictures because I won myself an Olympus pen Lite E-PL5! Cheers to new camera! Maybe, you can start to see my not-so-flawless face already hahaha. Also I wanna thank the ones that have worked with me in CNOS3, Serene, Tselyn, Joey, Vivian and Cheyenne! Not forgetting another bunch of awesome people, Celine, Natalie, Jessie, Clinton, Emily, Shixin, Smexy and many more! :)

This award shall be on behalf of you guys! Because to me, every contestants in cnos3 is truly a winner to me!


Woke up early to shoot for an upcoming online store, kinda nervous although it's my second time to shoot for blogshops, but I hope in time I will improve myself, always running out of ideas to pose and I'm very thankful that the owner, Jolyeen is very patience with me and giving me ideas for new pose, not only that I brought back 3 pretty clothes and I can't wait to ootd hahahahaha.

Afterwards, met my boyfriend and headed to parkway for sakae since I'm craving for salmon and sushi. YUM TAM TAM.

(forgotten to snap the one that he's playing with game on the screen, hahahaha -_-)

Yay, mine came first but I can't touch is because....
Tadaaa, actually wanted to order more sushi but then afraid I can't finish it so hehehe, all these managed to filled our tummy and left sakae teppanyaki feeling satisfying enough ^~^

After dinner, both of us decided to watch movie.

The movie was long and draggy.... and very bloody. I don't understand except my boyfriend. :(
And headed home to catch my beauty sleep, feeling blessed and secured whenever he's around. xo
Can't wait for more outdoor activities with my bao, teehee. 

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