9 April 2014

CNOS 3.0: The Local Heroes presented by Yono Flashpay

Time pass by too quick and the final is just this coming Saturday! The time that I have bonded with the new bloggers will never be replaced! The whole competition gave me a wonderful new experience and memories! Alright, let’s recalled the whole event that happened on last Saturday 05/04/2014!

Group with two pretty ladies for this challenge, Serene and Joey!
It's us, done shopping in Femmex! Thanks to Serene for the lovely picture!

Initially our plan was to be there at 11.30am (but Serene and I was late and sorry to keep Joey waiting) and we went in Femmex to start picking accessories. (FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS HAHA) beforehand we all agreed to focus on just accessories and in my own opinion I think that accessories is the most important thing when it comes to plain outfit or to enhance your overall outfit look. Well, since statement and junky necklace is the current trend now and we were lucky that Femmex sells them! We managed to purchase all our items in Femmex! 

Time to pick the best accessories!
Let's calculate and see if we have overshot our $300 budget!

While I’m calculating the total amount, Joey was splitting the accessories nicely in different baskets according to the price range… so who is behind the scene?! Hehe, Serene was busy snapping away! *Hardworking photographer* Well.. we work as a team to get things done fast!

And finally! Time to make payment by using YONO FLASHPAY with $300 stored inside. 

Presenting to you...


THE YONO FLASHPAY CARD, LOOK AT HOW NICE IT IS?! Nicer than my debit card please, and it looks less boring!

You can now ease of cashless shopping with YONO FLASHPAY, with yono flashpay card YOU ONLY NEED ONE for just everything! 

Benefits of having it? You can tap it for your train and bus rides, everything else from shopping, dining out, entertainment to leisure activities!!!! WHAT'S MORE?! Yono Flashpay card gives you PERKS AND PRIVILEGES!

With just one tap and you're done! The total amount we have spent in Femmex - $298.20!

Now that we are done with shopping in Femmex, let's not waste any more time and headed down to decorate our booth!

My $2 Daiso stand, Serene's corkboard to display accessories and our pretty $2 donation board from Daiso!

Time to set up!

 After 40mins, we are almost done!! Left with customized price tags to go!
We made full use of serene's cockboard as an accessories board for that day. 

And the whole event starts at 3pm... while waiting for customers to come

And yes succeeded!
She made a purchase and donation!

Finally time flies it's about time to pack our things and announce the total amount the CNOS 3 bloggers have raised for SPCA! Although my team didn't managed to get into the top 3 for challenge 3 but we are very happy that we managed to raised a sum of amount to help the pets in SPCA! Nothing feels better than selling things for a good cause right?

Honestly this challenge requires tons of teamwork, patience, good marketing skills and it’s all about how you can convince a stranger to raise funds for SPCA. It was never easy and I have to admit! But I'm still very grateful there are still many Samaritan around to donate! Now you are the LOCAL HEROES!

Our best sale: Eagle necklace! Spot it on our corkboard :D

I truly enjoyed myself in this challenge, now that my wish was granted after joining cnos, I helped to raised funds for SPCA! I had a pet dog and I can understand that every pet need a companion, a proper home, a place where they can feel truly comfortable to be in, the unconditional love from humans. I also hope that the pets in SPCA will be able to find a proper home soon! What I have learnt in this challenge? To be patience, it was never an easy task to sell off all your things and to be even more appreciative when someone made a purchase from our booth. I can totally bow down to young entrepreneurs! It was quite sad that the last part of our plan didn't happen is because most of them were camera shy, we thought of having an individual shot with the ones that make purchase in our booth, its like rewarding them by giving them a little recognition for helping to raise funds for SPCA. That is why our banner stated "BE A HERO AND GET REWARDED!"

Before I end this blog entry, I would like to specially thank the ones that have supported us because you are the true LOCAL HEROES! Without your support, the cnos bloggers won’t be able to raised a total fund of $1832 in 3 hours! A BIG HUGS FOR THE ONES WHO CAME DOWN AND SUPPORTED! God bless you for having such a kind heart!

Thanks Vivian for this picture!

Last of all, the insta video I have took on that day!
Please click on this link to view it:

Can't wait to see the CNOS 3 Bloggers this Saturday, I believe all of them will look so good in their 

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