21 April 2014

Clinton's 21st birthday picnic.

I was invited to Clinton's 21st birthday picnic party with the cnos3 peeps! Had fun talking, it feels like all of us didn't meet for ages hahahaha (anyway it's gonna be a quick update) because we honestly did nothing much other than chilling and snacking away~

Clinton what are you searching for?! Digging gold??? hahahaha.

just my oh oh tee dee for the day.

The cheerful nat, probably one of the most hyper person in cnos3!

Pretend to see flowers all..... hahahah but I absolutely love this shot by Natalie!

A few shots before Regine go off... while Damien, Celine and Skye to join us for dinner!

Had no idea why is this so blur but anyway, we enjoyed among ourselves and more outings to come! :)

Happy 21st birthday! I hope you enjoy the day, you're one of the best that I've met in CNOS3. The amount of "secrets" we shared throughout the journey is..... hahahahaha oh well and sorry to dropped that egg mayo but it's really nice ok and continue to pursue your happiness with.... *you know, I know* and of course thank you for inviting me down, it's a little sian la (oops) but we all had lots of fun!! 

anyway, you'll be seeing more beauty entries this coming week so stay tune!! ;)

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