18 April 2014

Beauty Talks: Catrice Defining Blush & Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation

Back with another Catrice products review, like I've mentioned before how much I love Catrice products and how affordable they are right?! So recently, I got my hands on the Catrice Defining Blush 040 Think Pink, Liquid metal eyeshadow 030 We are the Champagnes and Photo Finish 18h liquid foundation in Caramel Beige

To start off, many people have raved about the photo finish 18h liquid foundation from Catrice. I doubted the foundation before purchasing it, I mean really?! A $12.90 foundation can give a nice coverage without any breakouts? And yes, I gave it a try and I must say that I’m in love with it now! I wouldn't say that it has a very good coverage, but just a normal foundation with mild coverage. I love the foundation that doesn't make my whole face looks heavy and cakey, hence this photo finish 18h liquid foundation is just nice for me. But oh well... I chose the wrong shades, will consider buying a lighter shade but so far this shade is still good for me and I have been using it almost every day!

What Do I love about this foundation? Easy to blend and I love the packaging because it comes in a glass bottle with a plastic lid and pump dispenser, it makes the whole foundation looks “expensive” hahaha for me actually and it is semi-matte foundation that won’t make your face look heavy and cakey (which I love it the most) and it didn't break me out or clog my pores however, this shall depend on how sensitive your skin is. This foundation is perfect for me, the sad thing was.. I didn't really like how it is heavily scent. I wouldn't recommend this to ladies who want to have a full and perfect coverage, but I would definitely recommend this to ladies who have light blemishes. It covers quite well on my light blemishes, so I hope this foundation will work on you too!

I have been switching between my Benefit and ZA blusher, and now I found Catrice Defining blush!

What Do I love about this Defining blush? I love the packaging; it looks very clean, simple and convenient to bring around! The blush itself is pigmented enough and yes silky smooth as what it claims. Surprisingly this product have a decent staying power on my cheeks (without any tears la… hahaha) so if you are looking for cheek blush that can even last after crying and hardcore cheek kisses then I wouldn't recommend this to you. Other than having a decent staying power, it does not cause any breakouts or irritation and absolutely inexpensive for a cheek blush!

So here's the swatches I have done between my ZA 040 Apricot Pink Blush and Catrice Defining 040 Think Pink Blush

You can see how it is very pigmented, of course, I love ZA blush too! I have been using it till I found Catrice defining blush, it is gonna be one of my holy grail product now~

I will be doing Catrice eyeshadows review in another post as well as my usual makeup tutorial soon.
so please stay tuned for it! xx

Do feel free to comment below what is your favourite Catrice products, sharing is caring and Catrice cosmetics is definitely pocket-friendly and the quality of it is definitely not far apart from any other expensive makeup brands!

I'm excited because I will be having a pretty header for my blog next week! *\^o^/*

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