26 March 2014

{AD} SKII Facial Treatment Essence from MizSpa & Give away!

Hi guys, I’m back to review another product which are already popular in the market. SKII Facial Treatment Essence, I know that many people are raving about it. Just in time when I want to get my hands on, Mizspa approached me to review one of their product and is nice to give away another product I have chosen for one of my lucky readers! I check out their site immediately after I've received the email and I saw SKII Facial Treatment Essence right on the front page (Bestsellers) *BLINKBLINK* without any hesitation. I picked that because I know that I have been dying to try out the FTE and here's my chance ^~^

I waited the product for about a week because it is based in Hong Kong! But good things are worth the wait. 

Unwrapped! Yay, my 215ml FTE. 

About 3 weeks of using it, I see the difference! I mean really? my skin is more supple and radiant than before, that healthy glow. I understand that I’m too young for this product, but I have search for reviews about this "Miracle water" and most of them said that it is appropriate to start using from 18 onward. *3 CHEERS*

So here are my PROS and CONs:

  •  Face feels much more firm
  • Lighten dark pigmentation
  • Skin radiant than before

  •   Expensive in the market
  • No breakout 
Tips on how I use it
Pour onto a cotton pad and gently spread it around my face and let it fully absorb before applying my DRx products. I have heard about using the hands to do it, but I would prefer to use the cotton pad for FTE and use DRx products by hands. (Personal preferences)

Can't believe I’m adding it into my daily skincare regime! As long as it works on my skin! I’m all in for the products that are good for my skin.

And for people who love to shop online for skincare/cosmetics products, here it is! Check out their website, there are hundreds types of beauty products and that includes cosmetics, perfume and skincare!

Yes, they do international shipping!! 
And for your information

" is an ecommerce retail beauty shopping site. We provide hundreds of types of beauty products including skincare, cosmetics, and perfumes, of many of your favorite brands. We only deal in authentic brand name products. Our company is headquartered in Hong Kong, but as an ecommerce company we have the ability to reach consumers worldwide."

There are a few bloggers have actually review mizspa product and one of them is roseannetangrs. (I LOVE HER BLOG) I'm sure most of you knows it. Definitely the product is 100% authentic and safe to use! I have tested on my skin too ok and it is working fine and perfect!!! So don't doubt if you do!! Hahahaha.

(Give away time)
To win a SKII Facial Treatment Mask 6pcs that worth SGD122

All you got to do is to comment below
1. Your name
2. Your email address
3. Why you want to win this give away. 

The winner will be contacted on the 4th of April and please REMEMBER to like their FACEBOOK PAGE and follow their instagram ( to be eligible.

With that, Good luck everyone!
You wouldn't want to miss it!
Check out their website as well:


  1. Hi Shufeng,

    I love reading your blog and the reason why I want to win this FTE mask is because I have been hearing good reviews, although I know that my chances are low but I really hope to win this mask because I don't wish to spend so much to try it for the first time. >.<


  2. Hi Shufeng!

    I love reading your blog because you're a very inspiring blogger.
    Therefore, I would want to win this facial treatment mask to lighten my skin pigmentation and also make it healthier and radiant. I hope I can win this because I really really want to give it a try! Xo


  3. Hi,

    I would love to win the set of mask is because I have been hearing my girlfriend rave about SK II, hence I thought if I could have this luck win the mask from mizspa!

  4. Hi Shufeng,

    I would love to get my hands on this much raved about SK II facial treatment masks and test it out to see how good it is before investing in one myself. Saw how glowy your skin is in your instagram and I wish for the longest time ever to have such good skin to regain back my confidence.


  5. I want to join but I too young for it.... and lesser chance >.< anyway you r beautiful

    1. Hello, join it! who's know you might be the lucky one! Thank you, you're really too kind. :)

  6. Does FTE causes break out??

    1. I have read reviews, some of them got break out after using FTE and some didn't so I guess it have to depends on your skin type and how it reacts to paraben! But there will be break outs after using it (to some), but that's adjustment period if it constantly break you out means your skin is very sensitive to paraben and you're not suitable for FTE! Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Shufeng!

    I've seen your pictures on instagram & noticed you really do have glowy radiant skin. My complexion doesn't have that special 'glow' like I wish it would have. I'm constantly on a search for holy grail products & I've came across reviews that rave the masks, so I truly do hope that I win this giveaway & get to see how good this product is myself. :)



  8. I love reading your interesting blog. Thanks