6 March 2014

My entry for Cineleisure Next Online Sensation 3.0

Hi guys!! So this year, there's CNOS 3.0 and I did hesitate whether to join or not for days! After so much feedback from friends and family.. and they told me to give this a try. I told myself that this is chance to pursue my dreams, to allow my blog to reach out to more audience, so I told myself since I'm only young once so why not just go for it. *FEELING THE REAL YOLO MOMENT.* LOL Honestly I would say that taking part in CNOS 3.0 needs a lot of courage for me to do so because I have never take part in such huge social media contests before! CNOS 3.0 is my first and it will be a good opportunity for me right now! 

Last of all I don't want to live my life with regrets especially there's such a good opportunity for me to present myself better to the public as well as be able to take up new challenges! 

If you're wondering what's this about.. the teams are hunting social media youths who are able to represent Food, Fashion and Leisure facets of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard! 

(pictures credits to nuffnang)
The winner will be awarded $1,000 cash, an Olympus Pen Camera, a larger-than-life-size poster advertisement and a year-long supply of Cathay Cineplexes movie vouchers!

So, let me start my entry for CNOS 3.0 ;)

Presenting to you my favourite shops!

FEMMEX! I love to shop in Femmex! I have to admit that I'm a hardcore shopaholic. Shopping makes me happy! not the pocket maybe... hehe

I love their accessories section! I can't resist statement necklace, if you've followed me on IG @petiteksf you would have seen how much I really love statement necklaces!!! Femmex is one of the best place for me to buy pretty statement necklace too! :D

Next up, my second favourite shop in Cineleisure

A little obsession over retro clothings too!

One of the best thing I love to shop in The Editor's Market is because.....

The more you buy, the more cheaper it is! The best place to shop with your friends too, so you can drag your friend here! hehehe and not only that. The Editor's Market offers wide range of clothing, going from feminine to chic and casual. Most of your desire clothing can be found in The Editor's Market!

Did a intro vlog! Introducing myself and why I'm taking part in #CNOS3! Sincerely apologized if there's any mispronunciation, if I happen to spoke too fast, the quality of the video and overshot the 2 mins timing! I tried my best, but I still stutter for a-bit in the final video... T_T

Do take a few mins of your time to watch this vlog and remember to support me ok!! hehe :p

Click the link for better view! :)

I also realized I need to smile more in the video, LOL LOL PAISEH.. So to make up for it.
Ending it off with 2 pictures of myself. ;)



  1. Good luck babe. =)

  2. All the best, you look nervous but that's alright! you still look good ^^

  3. Hope you will get shortlisted! Jiayou gal :D