20 March 2014

Beauty Biotics Dream Cream Hero Products

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Hi guys, I’m back with another review for Beautybiotics dream cream range! (shimmer) When I received it, I am really excited to try after knowing that it will work on the skin’s cellular level to deliver intense hydration and regenerate skin collagen and elastin, leaving my skin supple and youthful in the long-term. This sounds convincing to me!

I started off using the bb cream for about 1.5 weeks and surprisingly it didn't break me out! My skin is VERY sensitive to bb cream from the start and my skins never work out with BB cream at all and this is why I don’t use any BB/CC cream just a normal good coverage foundation! I am still very amazed how Beautybiotics BB/CC cream didn't break me out, BUT THAT’S A GOOD THING.

So here’s a picture of before and after, (apologized for the bad quality of images ahead because I'm rushing this update!! blogging it through my phone) I not too sure if you can see the difference! But I really do, you can see how it brightens my skin instantly but I would say the coverage for me is not very good I still need concealer on because I have blemishes. It is long-lasting and easy to blend but the fact that I don’t really like any makeup base to have any shimmer in it but so far this is a good one because the texture is light and makes my skin radiant after applied.

NEXT UP! BB+ nano luminescence mineral pearl powder. MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE FOR NOW! It makes my skin glows even more after putting on the BB/CC cream. AMAZING! I will definitely re-purchase it! Coverage is good, long lasting and ease of application!

(I really hope you can see the differences, much more coverage and a bit of blusher la haha)

UV White Nano Mineral Powder, very convenient to bring around because of the packaging, do not have any white cast left, texture is very soft and ease of application. I don't see much difference when I applied this on my face, a little whitening that's all!

So after all, what it claims.

  1. (yes) Regenerate skin elastin and collagen for plumped up softness
  2. Intensely hydrate for supple skin
  3. (yes) Improve skin radiance and clarity
  4. (yes) Effectively whiten for luminous, bright skin
Beauty biotics is dermatologist cosmetics and is suitable for all skin types! I've just tried it out and so far it works on my skins and will repurchase the BB+ nano luminescence mineral pearl powder because it is so good, it makes my skin glows instantly! 


 This product is exclusive to all Watsons Singapore outlets! 
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