19 February 2014

DIY: Fruity Pebbles Krispy treats

Hello, this time I'm back updating this little space not the usual beauty review, not personal lifestyle but something has got to do under "baking/cooking" section. I'm so excited to share this recipe with all of you! I know some of you requested a tutorial for it, I hope this blog entry is clear enough! :p

Recently, I have the feel to do something different and I went online and search for the easiest sweet treats that can be done within 1 hour and here's the result I got.

I got this from google, SO SAD.. I don't see Singapore sell this??! They only comes in just the Cereal or else with this.. it would make my life a whole lot easier, but that's not the point, still had some fun doing it! Here it is, I start off with just 3 ingredients! 

Will you be like REALLY? JUST 3?! YES, JUST 3! ;)

You can get any marshmallow and butter. I chose unsalted butter is because I don't want my Krispy treats to be all salty... I want it to be absolutely SWEET! (personal preference) 
Moving on to the utensils and the things needed to complete this whole procedure.

#1 I slice just a small part of unsalted butter and spread it around. (I'm supposed to use a pan but I would prefer a small pot. #mystyle #youcancopyforsaferuse)

#2 I threw some marshmallow in, slowly stir them with my spatula until it's fully melted~
The process is about 2-3mins?

#3 Turn off the heat and pour in the fruity pebbles cereals, quickly mixed them all together.

(It will all be sticky but that's normal, continue mixing it till it fully fixed)
#4 Transferred the fully melted marshmallow + fruity pebbles into another tray and spread them evenly.

#5 I put it in the refrigerator, wait about 20mins for it to harden and cool down.
Slowly sliced them into squares and I'm ready to serve! YAY!

The whole procedure really easy and quick, don't even need any ovens! Get this done about 30mins? Super fast!! Now you can do some sweet treats for yourself at home, not much cleaning required! Don't worry. So far, so good. It's my second attempt on this and apparently it taste as good as my first try! 

Hope you will have fun doing it! 

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  1. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing =)