5 February 2014

Beauty Review: Catrice Sunglow Matt Bronzing Powder

Hello, apologized that I've been neglecting this little space. I'm really pretty occupied with assignments and house visiting during Chinese New Year! Nonetheless, I'm back to review another product which I've bought it a week ago. Previously, I've planned to do a Catrice Haul. I know that this makeup line is not very well-known for now, but I can assure you the quality! If you've followed me on twitter, you have already seen this tweet "Found two new makeup line that is sooooo affordable" especially for students who might not be able to afford high-end brand makeup products, this post will be good for you!

To start off, Catrice Sunglow Matt Bronzing Powder

Well, I pick the medium skin bronzer to match my skin tone as my skin is more on the "yellow/tan tone" So I was hoping this will be good when I apply, yes you can try the swatches on the shelves but it was difficult for me to actually gauge how dark the bronzer gonna be because the skin tone between my hand and face is a little different. 

How it looks like inside

Review: This product is really soft and silky, for pigmentation wise, I would rate it about 8/10? I wouldn't say the pigmentation is really good as compared to the benefits bronzer, but the winning opinion on this product was, it does not contain any shimmer. A plus point for me, I would definitely use this for my school days because it is really matt and natural and doesn't look heavy on the skin! This product is not scented and the packaging does look a little cheap because it is made of plastic but that's not an issue for me. You paid for you get for. I was blown away by how this product is very affordable! 

Been a week from using this bronzer and so far there's ain't clog pores or any breakout for me, I WAS SOOOO AFRAID that this product will cause a breakout. Definitely gonna use this for my school days and 100% sure that I will repurchase it because of such affordable price range and the quality can fight with slightly more higher brands like Maybelline's? I can save so much from repurchasing the bronzer that cost me SGD40+ and above whereby I can get it for $8.90 that works perfectly fine on my skin! YES.... Less than $10 if I'm not wrong

030 Medium bronze is the shade I got, as stated, dermatologically tested. So it's definitely safe to use! If I'm not wrong, CATRICE  is from Germany? (I think so ah) Honestly, I guess I can stop spending so much on makeup products... especially on high-end brand cosmetic, like Bobbi Brown, mac, and Chanel! I have bought a few of their products back too and will be reviewing it again if it's good. Stay tuned, there's another makeup line that is super affordable too! 

They offer other products, like eyeshadow, highlighting powder, concealer, foundations and much more! CATRICE can only be found only in the guardian? (Serangoon Nex, City Hall) That's the places I know

Their facebook page for Singapore

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