8 February 2014

Beauty Review: CATRICE Camouflage Cream

Hello! I'm back reviewing another products which is from CATRICE! If you've read my previous blog post entry on CATRICE cosmetics, by now you should now that their prices in the cosmetics industry are really affordable. Gotten this camouflage cream a week back and had been using it because of the good coverage!

 Here's how the packaging looks like, like a little pot. Made of plastic and pretty much cheap material. Exactly same as my MAC concealer design just that CATRICE version of the lid is twist & turn and the material of the packaging for MAC isn't made of cheap plastic I guess? I can feel the difference in the texture but nah, that's not the main point! Moving on ~~

A true must-have for a flawless complexion. The Camouflage Cream with a long-lasting texture blends perfectly with the skin for invisible correction. It reliably covers irregularities of the skin, pigmentation stains and red veins. The efficient Camouflage Cream offers a high coverage and can be kept in place with powder for a waterproof effect.

Reviews: I'm a person, always relying on good concealer and this is why I've stick to MAC concealer for such a long time before I can find another cheaper and good coverage concealer. I had stated before that I do not have flawless skin. I still need good coverage whenever I head out, I won't go too draggy for this blog entry. All I could say was I'm totally blown away by this concealer, HONESTLY. The coverage of it is exactly same as MAC, I wouldn't say it will lose out badly. I have to admit, I get break out recently, but I'm not too sure if this is the cause of it though... still in the mid of exploring. But I guess if this continue the cause of breaking me out I will stop despite the fact of the good coverage and dirt cheap price :(

The sad part of this product is, it actually creases but otherwise the consistency of it is creamy and thick enough to cover my dark eye circles, blemishes spot and very easy to blend as well. Honestly this concealer is probably one of the best right after MAC concealer! If you're searching for cheap and good coverage concealer then give this a try! It cost me for only SGD5.90 if I'm not wrong!!!! FRIGGIN' CHEAP. Honestly it is too affordable for a good concealer and tooooo good not to try!

It is available in 3 shades: 010 Ivory Beige, 020 Light Beige, 030 Rosy Beige

Would rate this 4.8/5!
(finding the causes of my recent breakouts.... hmph could be eating the wrong food or upcoming period.... psssst)

Will probably do an CATRICE Haul? Suggestions? :p

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