23 January 2014

My skincare Journey with The DRx #2 (follow-up)

I'm back with my skincare journey with DRx Clinic part 3! Yes, this is my 3rd consultation, (follow up) and if you've missed my 2nd consultation trip click here! Read it, in case you missed out.

So I'm back reviewing and updating you guys my current skin condition. Well, it is really nice to get compliments from friends and family that my skins really gets better than before. I have mentioned that I am not blessed with flawless skin, I'm always envious of people who have flawless skin. (THAT'S NORMAL TO FEEL THAT WAY) On October 2013? My acne outbreaks returns back, it started to attack my right cheeks and forehead. Honestly, I was really stressed, body clock screwed up due to assignments and of course facing hormonal changes.. that's when I started having inflamed acne, clogged pores and developed bad scars on my face. 

Yep, so this post will be showing you on my skin improvement by using DRx products & taking pills day and night diligently. If you've read my previous post on the products I'm using, you can actually see how the products really work on my skin! MIRACLES

Here's an attached photo of the process using DRx products!


Just look at the improvement!!! Zero edits at all, I'm not kidding! Lighting will be different, and I am using iphone5 to take this! I  can't believe it too but when I collage it together... I'm very very amazed by it!! You can look at the acne & really bad clogged pores attacked the center of my forehead has actually cleared up so much and my blemishes lighten so much too! Patting myself at the back for diligently taking pills for a month for the speedy recovery! You really can choose not to believe, I supposed I have been taking pills more than a month? As it helps to reduce the redness and big bumps!! 

This is my right cheek... *eeks* I know hehe. Now that those inflamed acne have actually left my right cheek with pretty many light scars... 

My left cheek hasn't been an issue so far except for my right cheeks! That's weird.... Not only that, I felt that after using their products especially blemish mask actually brighten up and lighten my scars! (proven for me) Of course I did a little part too, I extract the black/whiteheads myself IF only needed before putting on blemish mask. I won't force it if I really can't extract it out! So if you're forcing your black & whiteheads while you extract them out, please do not pick on them as it will only get worst. Seek for an expert to remove it for you :D

All pictures above - zero edits, no filter. 
Just look at the drastically changes in about 1month plus... and counting :p
It may be very shocking to all of you! A good foundation and concealer really play a big part :p and now I can't wait to achieve flawless skin already by using DRx products! Now that my skins gets better and left with a few light scars and clogged pores that need an expert to extract it out. Dr. Hui Yan actually prescribed me the Vit-A Gel to improve my scarring :D

I used to think that with just single consultation would be enough, but no! Dr Hui Yan said it is important to have a follow-up so that she can watch over my skin condition and if there's a need to change my skincare regime! So here are the extra products that will be added in my daily skincare regime :D 

Now that 88% of my acne & clogged pores issues has solved and my hormonal acne starts to stable after taking the pills, I am really thankful for it and glad to have such opportunity to work with DRx! Sad to say that, I still have stubborn tiny pimples but they don't appear very often like how it used to but, recently right after 7th Jan I just had like 2 tiny pimples on my forehead but it didn't bother me so much anymore. I honestly think their products are really amazing and also their pills actually help to speed up the healing process. I'm looking forward to seeing more improvement on my acne scars! I'm glad that I don't have to put layers of foundations just to look completely flawless... my skin can breathe even better now! Hahaha. It takes me a lot of courage to actually blog about it! But good things are meant to share... and if you're dealing with the exact situation as me, why not give DRx a try!

Here're the total products I'm using currently

The comedones formula, blemish gel and anti-blemish mask is thumbs up!! CF solved 90% of my black & white heads, BG solved my stubborn acne while anti-blemish mask lighten my blemishes!!! Confession: I'm the type really very lazy to apply masks 2-3 times a week but for my blemishes.... I'm putting 100% effort. Always envy people with good skin, now mine will be here one fine day all thanks to the great care by DRx :p

I've replenished some products too! Toner and Blemish Gel!
 Stay tuned for my next entry on DRx (Facial, gonna say goodbye to annoying bumps on my forehead)!

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