11 January 2014

Food review: Ice Edge Cafe

Impromptu decisions with bestfriend to Ice Edge cafe to chill out and settle down our Saturday's lunch, we went to the one that is located at Kovan, it is just a few minutes walk from Kovan Mrt. The cafe wasn't really filled as what I expected on a Saturday so we actually could get a seat quick for two. It's our first time trying out.

Can't really remember my bestfriend order but it was something "tomyam seafood" while mine is Salmon Baked rice!

 Just those kinda half shot hehehehe.
I wasn't really very satisfied with their Salmon Baked rice..... I love salmon but the baked rice is too tasteless for me.. I even fed my bestfriend one spoon and she said the same too but the salmon is awesome! I absolutely love my bestfriend order!!!! IT TASTE EXTREMELY GOOD. I'm so gonna order that the next time I come over to Ice Edge Cafe! 

THIS!! Super nice, I recommend you guys ;)
The ambience was alright 
The service was good so far, this is my first time! I didn't really capture much photos but this place is a good place to settle down for a good lunch with your friends and lovers! Oh and do try out their frizzy green apple and lychee drink, my bestfriend and I really love it!

Overall I would give this cafe
Service: 8/10
Food quality: 7/10

Located at

2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-10, Singapore 548008.
Telephone No: 6858 5729

Price range is about $20++ per pax 

 So a quick update on today's get up ;)

Found a real cheap deal, got this top for friggin' $15!!!! It can be wear it as an off shoulder too so it's like 2 way pleated top and the black shorts is from Vainpot boutique. ;)

Down with heels today too!

With that, stay tune for my next update! 
(Yes I will promise you all that I will do a make up tutorial post, but I really need time because I'm still contemplating between pictorial or video... I might do a pictorial after my exams because video needs too much edit, I have to cut here and there hahaha)

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