15 January 2014

Beauty Review: Nivea lip butter

Hello! So, recently I got my hands on Nivea Lip Butters and I just had to share them with you! They are fairly new and they've been in U.K. for a while before they brought in to Singapore! I'm always a loyal fan of Nivea lip balms, they really did their job for moisturizing my dry lips.


  • Original
  • Vanilla & Macadamia
  • Raspberry Rose 
  • Caramel Cream
I don't see any lip balms that owns a flavours of Caramel or maybe I didn't really explore it but I'm quite fascinated by Nivea for bringing in such flavour! Admit it, most of us do love the taste of caramel right? :D I love the scent of these, I like it how they're subtly tinted to differentiate between the flavours!

 (I have already used the raspberry for a month, bought one for myself.. hehe)


I personally find that packaging is simple and sleek. I find it easy to open and stays shut when closed with satisfying snap! I love it how the butters is in like a pot shape instead of how usual lip balms look like, very unique. ;)


Bought 4 lip butters back, 2 caramel, 1 original and raspberry flavours. Using 1 caramel and raspberry now and I'm amazed how this stuff works really well on my peeling dry lips, I start applied this every night so the next day I woke up, I can has baby smooth and flake free lips! I'm honestly dehydrated most of the time and sleep in a room that is air-conditioned which leads my lips to get very dry and flaky. With this, lip butter leaves a mild shimmer on my lips and giving it that luscious moisturised healthy lip look :D 

Overall, I would rate this Nivea Lip butter a rating of 5/5! I know that Singapore sells it! But I decided to give away this extra two! I hope they will find a 'home' soon! I have 2 sets of brand new Lip butter to be given away and the flavours are Original, and Caramel Cream! Do note that I have already opened the packaging as to take a snapshot of how it looks like inside! But don't you worry honey, it is not touch yet!!! ;)

Simply email me at
I will pick the best email!

Meanwhile, this give away only in Singapore based! I will personally drop you an email on the 21st of January!


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