25 January 2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm SPF15 in 118, Pink Satin

Hello beauty gurus! I'm back reviewing another product and I have been using it a week! I have been hearing a lot of raving reviews about the L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm so I had actually informed my sister to get it overseas since Singapore don't sells it! Now that I had already tried it, it's time for some reviews. I wouldn't completely say the product actually disappoint me but I didn't know the colour I've picked would be too sheer on my lips!

(Picked the 118, Pink Satin)

PROS: First of all, I love their packaging. It's simple and cute and the colour of the tube is accurate and matches the lip balm very well! It glides on with ease and leaves my lips with a very beautiful and natural looking tint. It does moisturized my lips however I would rate the moisturizing level 50% as compared to Nivea lip butter/lip balm! I love how this product have a small amount of scent, similar to vanilla, but the scent disappears after a few minutes and is not noticeable at all. Lastly, the product has SPF 15 which is always a plus point.

CONS: It's quite sad to say that the product didn't last, it goes off half an hour later and I guess mainly it is due to its lightweight hence I have to pull it out and snap it on my lips several times a day just to keep it moisturize. I would say that this product will appeal to some people who like the packaging (LIKE ME, LOL)

Overall, this product is not too bad nor not too good. I would rate this a 2.5/5, fairly rate. I have bought 2! One for myself, and one to give away for the lucky winner!  

Email me if you're keen! I wouldn't say this product is extremely good, but I decided to let the lucky angel to win this since Singapore don't sells it! 
It's more on first come first serve basis :p


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