8 January 2014

Beauty review: Cover girl - LashBlast Volume Mascara

Previously I'm using Maybelline Rocket Mascara. I have even mentioned that I am a big fan of Maybelline Mascara! But now, I have found a new love to add in my Mascara collections!!! IT'S SUPER GOOD :D

Proudly present to you! Cover girl Lashblast Volume Mascara! Heard of it? Singapore don't sell cover girl products if I'm not wrong?

 I have two of it! But the extra one is specially for the lucky person.... continue reading! ;)

So here it is after I applied it, I have ever said that I really had short lashes that I definitely need fake eyelashes until I found this, although it may not extend to the length I wanted but with simple make up. I will put this into good use. 

This is after applying 2-3 coats only!!! And look at how good it is, it really lengthen my lashes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH that I have been using it for a month before I start doing a review and the best thing is after a long tiring day... it doesn't smudge at all! You know my skin is oily, so does my eyelid gets oily at times, I'm soooo afraid that my mascara smudge hence I brought my handy little mirror wherever I go! *VAIN AT THE MAXIMUM LEVEL* hehe but apparently this mascara really didn't disappoint me at all!

What it claims to say on the website
"Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big-lash look. Now in waterproof, too!"

Let's start from point to point, for packaging wise, it is normal and nothing really very special about it but it comes in pretty orange colour. It doesn't matter to me if the packaging is not attractive because what I truly concerned is, how does it perform on my eyelashes! Now for the brush, It doesn't really separate my lashes like how Maybelline mascara does but that's not the main point for me as I have lashes brush! However it did clump bit of my lashes but the main point was.. it really lengthen my lashes and make my lashes look thicker than before.... I CAN'T EVEN. I mean I'm pretty amazed by the overall result with just 2-3 coats!!! ofcourse good eyelashes curler plays a part too. Taking everything into an account, it sure does gives volume, like what they claims "BIG LASH LOOK", No smudging definitely and its proven for me,  it removes easily with make up remover (absolutely thumbs up for this)

Overall, thumbs up for this Mascara! I would rate this 5/5 stars! Now the question is - Singapore don't sells it, so how I got it? Well... I actually told my sister to get them back if they're in U.S! It is really good to have sisters that got a job which they can travel around... now guess it! What job they are taking hehehehe. I'm always envious of them!

So now, time for GIVE-AWAY SESSION!

1) Comment below how much you would want to win this Covergirl mascara
2) Spread to your girlfriends about this covergirl mascara (now... touch your heart and do it hahahaha)
3) Your name & email address 

So here's your chance to win something that Singapore have yet bring it in (I GUESS)
Winner will be contacted personally on the 18th Jan 2014!



  1. Hello Shufeng! I am one of your reader! I love to read your blog and you are so beautiful :D I am looking forward to your make up tutorial and vlogs heheh. It would be really nice if I could win this Covergirl mascara so that I can use it during CNY to have nice looking lashes like yours :) I have really short and sparse eyelashes and oily eyelids, hence my mascara would always smudge on me without fail. Moreover, I always have difficulties removing my mascara from my eyelashes (the process of removing the mascara will always cause a lot of my eyelashes to drop) :'( I have stopped using mascara for awhile now and have to rely on fake eyelashes but they are too long and not natural for daily use. I really really want to own this Covergirl mascara to have lustrous lashes like yours!

    Name: Jiaying
    Email address:

  2. Love your blog <3


    Name: Clara Goh
    Email address:

  4. Hi Shufeng! I rly love how you're generous with your giveaway and share things that you find it useful & good with your readers! I do hope to win this mascara from you! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!! :)

    Name : Wenxin
    Email :

  5. I grew up seeing Covergirl products laying around the bedroom dresser coz both my elder sisters were using them and wow! here you are holding one on your hand!!! How I wish I could be lucky enough to win it from you :)

    In any case, thanks for the giveaway!