13 December 2013

School is eating me alive.

Hi all! Sorry for not been updating for a week, all thanks to the lost time with school and approaching major exams!! I have major exams on upcoming Monday, which is on the 16th Dec..... wish me luck omg, was trusting myself for at least a credit for this module! In any case before I begin on this update.... I would like to announced... that.. thanks to my itchy hands attempted to port in my youtube videos into vimeo... and guess what!?!?!? Boooommm.... In mishap, I don't know why but my entire damn video is GONE. I went "I'm dead shit!!!!" That frenzy minute when I'm attempting to recover my video from nowhere!?!?!?! My.... 5mins of hard work and very nearly 40mins of transferring holding up time T_T I'm truly miserable... like truly and I didn't keep any duplicate copies in my desktop.. my fault on my dumb plans for depending such playlist on youtube. *cries* alright, in case you're wondering why did I shift to vimeo is all because vimeo uploads a video waiting is faster than youtube and more secure and I can use up free effects for my videos and simpler to put on tunes which I DO NOT know how to put it up on my videos through youtube... alright I need to concede I'm truly suck at this :(

Anyway let's put this a stop for now..... so guess what! I have another improved hairdo at twister again!!!! My fickle minded again, I advised myself to keep long hair since I can do so much things about it.... at the same time I'm lazy to take great care of it and it all results to dry ends and splits ends! YUP THAT'S ME. or is there any young ladies same as me. hehe! A week later of thought and much remarks given that I actually suit short hair more.... soooo there you go! Thanks to my trusty hair specialist at twister!! I adore it ;)

                                        A quick view on my recent photos posted on Instagram! 

I used to cut short hair back then, but this time is shorter! Trying to adapt it, but thankfully that I can still tie it up so it wouldn't be in a whole mess when I'm out for a long run! ;) Anyway for the ones who have asked about the sanitizes I got it from bath&bodyworks, I will post it up as soon as I got the official information on hands from the owner, apologized for the delay because she told me that she's too busy sorting it out everything! Meanwhile stay tune ;)

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