31 December 2013

Page 365 out of 365. - 2013

Well... everyone of us realize that 2013 is arriving to an end and welcome the new year, 2014. Ofcourse, we have been through good and bad times throughout the year. Honestly, I won't say 2013 completely went smoothly for me however I'm thankful that those toughs times have ended... I can finally pat on my back and tell myself I have pull through this far, so why not 2014 new challenges? I need to concede, I complained alot, I got hurt so badly that I had emotional breakdown for a period of time, I do not have much appetite, I made my friends worried, I pretend that I'm fine infront of my family because  I didn't want them to worry over me. I drifted from many people and got them back... which I truly once lost them. But at least, things are fine for me and something I'm truly appreciative for!

Yes, many of you knew I have quit blogging due to tight calendars after I began my Diploma in Kaplan... however I wouldn't say my life in Kaplan is truly terrible. I have learnt such a great amount of things at there, I learnt so much life lessons from my friends that is older than me. I'm thankful for them because it makes me prepared to face the realistic world and quit living in my damn fairy tales! Decide my own decisions, work towards my goals and ofcourse be appreciative for every single things in life instead whining about the smallest things. Something I have learnt, "Be contented with life" I told myself that, regardless of what we do, what we have or not... simply be satisfied with life since that is the main key to joy. You'll never be happy if don't appreciate the little things in life, and expect for more. They always said, "The more you wants it, the more you can't have it" Which I completely concurred. Ofcourse, they say money can purchase happiness.. we all agree?. but that is all MATERIAL satisfaction. I'm certain everyone need a joyful family, healthy life, love life, great career. That is something that can't be purchased with whatever amount you have!

We all want to lead a happy life, yet SHITS happens! Isn't that right? We won't know it now, not in the future but it just simply happens immediately. We can't foresee what's to come, however our future in our hands.. we can do something to make a huge change, set a goal and work from that point onwards. I told myself this. "Great things don't always come your direction, YOU, YOURSELF HAVE TO WORK FOR IT" Nobody is going to accomplish your goals, you yourself can make a change in your life. It's your life and its the way you want to lead. I always remind myself this when it comes to studies "If you don't finish this, you're not heading to the bed" I push myself further and I'm happy I improved in study and did a good job in my modules! Well.... I have learnt such a great amount of life lessons along the way. People come and go as when they like, the right ones will stay.. No one is going let you know whether they are going to hurt you, so open your eyes. Don't fall, when you fall make sure the person is worth your time.

Life lessons

You can't stop what people talk about you
Judgmental world, humans are mean in their own way. When you keep living under what people have to say about you and you're afraid to be yourself.. you'll never grow and see the world since you ACCEPT the criticism of others and you torture yourself at the end of the day by thinking about it. People can say what they like, because you're born this way and there's nothing you can do unless it's about personality.. I'm certain we can make changes in our personality to be even better person? No?  No one likes to be judge or become a topic in a group. No one. But why do you want to give it a chance to affect you when you could be happy with better things in life than letting others opinions to affect yourself? It's really simple, in life we won't satisfy everybody and it drives you insane but remember, people get tired after sometime so stop  satisfy the entire people. No one put a weapon on your head and say you gotta satisfy them, no.

Be sensitive on your own words
Words kill like a razor blade, I'm certain everyone of us experience words that KILLED. People have a tendency to make sensitive remarks on somebody they don't generally like or be it just friends. We don't watch our words, at some point those comments may mean nothing to us however it MEANS alot to the the person you're stating.  No one likes to be called ugly, fat, lesbian, gay... no one. We may pull off a joke about somebody's body and look but we don't know how insecure they are because we just want to have fun topic. At the same time do you know that it is so terrible to deride on somebody insecurities? I'm certain everyone of us have insecurities, we barely say it,  I mean it's not like we don't see our flaws everyday we look into the mirror right? So why would you like to keep on include the torment inside someone else when we know how it feels deep down? Stop.. we should all start being sensitive on our words.. watch them and THINK before we say something to someone.

Don't get attach just because you're lonely, but get attach when you're ready to commit full time.
There's something wrong with us, we tend to fall easily yet don't wish to get hurt. We all want to be loved, it sure do feels good to have a partner right? Let's all admit, deep down we wants it. However relationship these days falls apart easily. Mostly because we fall too easily, absence of trust, loyalty. Am I right to say that? Ofcourse, I shouldn't judge it however I'm sure we can see it, can feel it. We don't want to be alone yet we don't want to get into a wrong one, and we would prefer not to lose such opportunity to be adored once more. True? Just a reminder to all, don't get attach just because you're lonely but get attach only when you're ready and you're SURE of your feelings for other parties, we shouldn't hurt someone feelings just because we're unsure of ours.

Be contented with life
I'm sure we complaint about life, we don't have this, we don't have that, I want this and I want that. It's like a cycle everyday. We whine on each and every small issue however we don't stop and take sometime to look at what we have. But something we all ought to be truly appreciative - when you have huge amounts of water supply, electricity, food, shelter on top of your head, a mattress to rest, a blanket to cover when you're cold, garments to wear, a shoes to secure your feet. It doesn't really matter whether you stay in a big house, small house as long as you have those let's all be thankful for what we have while others are battling to get such privileges! So don't abuse it!  Complain less, live more, love all the more, less hate and be contented with whatever you have that is the first key to upbeat life.

With that, I guess I have done whatever I want to share. I can finally close the chapter for 2013, I'm so done with you and I'm ready for new challenges! Hope all of  us take note the little things in life and be appreciative even more! And yes, cheers to the coming New Year! May 2014 be better for all us, new goals to achieve!


Time check: 5:20AM. *yawns* time for bed!
 Best of luck all! 

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