26 December 2013

{AD} Chanel Boy casing

Hello I'm back with another Advertorial! Have you ever heard of Chanel boy? I'm sure many of you have heard of it.... the bag is sooooo gorgeous!!!! BUT GUESS WHAT, Today... we have it in the super mini version of it for our phone too, yes our phone needs a 'bag' too!

Tadaaaaa! Look, I had the one in Royal Blue! TOO CHIO LA?!?! (Anyway the colour of it is more darker and true to the one which the owner post it up, it's due to the lightning and edits on my picture)

I'm so in love with it, you can leave one chain strap down so that it will be longer, so for tall people! Don't you worry :p
And I swear the quality is so good, according to the owner their covers are all high quality and YES IT IS REALLY HIGH QUALITY. So happy with it *-*

Look, I can even sling it, so maybe next time if I would to go club I can just sling it on my body without worrying about losing my phone.... HAHAHA you know what happens when you get high? You probably won't know where did your phone gone by then! With this, you party with a peace mind. Yes I have heard reviews that this cover makes our phone heavier, I agreed but other than this bad points I think it's all alright because the quality of the cover is really good and provided with the sling! HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO PRETTY COVERS?!?! 

Here are a few colours they have!


They have the one in sweet pink too!

 And ofcourse, the hottest fire red! Thought of getting this colour... but I prefer royal blue more.

The one in deep purple isn't that bad too

Last but not least the most basic colour, black! 

They have it in iPhone 4/4s/5/5s only and it is a preorder, stock will arrive within 7 days and full packaging included. You can get this as a gift for a friend, the packaging makes it look even more attractive hahaha! 

They're selling it at 1 for SGD19 NOW!!!! Original price at SGD22, promotions price due to New year! :D

You shouldn't even hesitate anymore, I'm sure you'll like it!!! Because I really do. and I usually switch around with covers!

OH..... AND
Not to forget, they will probably be bringing in Inspired Chrome hearts top! I'm not too sure about the pricing yet, so do look out on their facebook page if you're keen!

I will probably put up the next adverts after they have put it up!

SOOOO time for you to hop over to their facebook page for more updates & steps for ordering
And show some support and love for them because they are quite new! 

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