18 December 2013

Beauty Review: Maybelline Whisper

Hello! Recently, I got my hands on much-raved-about Maybelline Whisper! Some may heard of it and some may not heard of it, I've seen famous make up youtubers doing a review about the lipsticks.... so, it's quite a pity that they have yet launch in Singapore but only brought into certain countries however I'm glad that my sister is able to help me get it in U.K!! :)

Tadaaaa! Packaging is clean and pretty in pink. ;)
Look at the colour of it once the cap is off, oh to share another thing.. I really love lipstick that brings in the right shade of pink I want and I'm glad that Maybelline did it! Not only their mascara do the job, now that their lipsticks even more amazing :D I'm not being biased or been paid doing this review. 

The true colour when applied on my hand and lips... pretty pink!

I love how the hotpink packaging is like, available in 20 shades. OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.
the range varies from sheer to medium and to full coverage, honestly it varies between the shades, but in general the darker the shade, the more pigmented it is. :) I have look at reviews and all of them have a scent of fruits!! I love lipstick that have the smell of fruits. 

20 SHADES.... WOW and the colours available in
I got 2 Petal Rebel because I really love that shade! :D Look at it, so pretty even the packaging of it!

The lipstick don't stay on your lips for a very long time, the shine goes away after half an hour! However I don't mind pulling it out from my make up purse and slapping on it whenever the colour starts to fade. I love how there's fruity smell of the Petal Rebel and the colour of the cap matches the colour of the actual lip colour. Honestly, I hate lipsticks cap that is not true to the colour I want but nope, maybelline whisper have honest cap colour! I do find the lipstick very moisturizing, gives me a glowy and healthy looking lips. It doesn't accentuate my dryness like other lipsticks. So overall I'm impressed with the lipstick, I would definitely request my sister to purchased more colours as long as she have a flight to U.K! How I wish Singapore brings them in!! :(

I'm done reviewing so it's GIVE AWAY time to my readers :D

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There's only one lipstick I will be giving away for now as I didn't know both of it would be this good sooooo hence I will buy more for give away the next time round while doing review :D

Good Luck and Have fun! 
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  1. Hi, I would like to win this give away is because I have heard good reviews on it and Singapore do not sell them so I wish this is a good chance for me to try it out. I do enjoy being part of your reader and the journey with you. Hope to win this give away :)


  2. Hi, this giveaway means alot to me because I have been wanting to try the new maybelline whisper but sadly Singapore don't bring them in. This would be a good chance for me. I hope to win this giveaway from you :)


  3. Hello pretty blogger!

    I honestly love Maybelline Whisper after I have watch youtube reviews. I hope to win this giveaway from you as the colour of it is really pretty!


  4. Would love to join the giveaway, but sadly it is in Singapore based! I'm in Korea ~ :(

    1. Hello honey! Aw, so sorry that I don't ship it to korea! :( <3

  5. Hi I would like to win this give away is because I think it would be the best christmas gift for me as I really want to own a lipsticks that is not selling in Singapore! (:


  6. Hi can you do what's in my bag video? :)

  7. Hello! The winner of the give away is Jamie Seah! I will email you personally :) <3